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MR2 COP Conversion
Caldina Intake Manifold pt2
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EVO 9 Intercooler Upgrade
STI Downpipe
STI Catback
MR2 Turbo Intake Removal
Helix HeatShield
Gruppe-S Header
Synchronic VS Tial
Typhoon Intake
Synchronic WG Install
Synchronic - Ports
EVO 9 Wideband Install pt1
Walbro Pump Install
A2W Install
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  Project MR2 -- Turbocharging an NA    

  Project MR2 -- Factory Turbo               

This site was created because of my appreciation of turbocharging. I became very interested in installing a turbo in whatever car I owned. I was 17 at the time and had no income to speak of, so I waited over a decade to realize my dreams.

During those years, I had purchased serveral books on turbocharging. One of them was by Hugh Maclnnes--Published by HPBooks, and called TurboChargers. This got me started on how a turbo system works. The book came out during the era when most cars where carburated. Much of the talk was about compressing through the carburator or having the turbo after the carburator.  Some of the examples showed fuel injected cars with a high boost in the 9PSI range. My first encounter with a real turbo was in a junkyard in Germany. I was stationed there for two years, and found a turbocharged Audi. I paid about $100.00 dollars for a K26 Turbo, but never did anything with it. 



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